Nusa Dua Light Festival in Bali

Nusa Dua Light Festival in Bali

Hundreds of Badung regency residents and tourists flocked to Nusa Dua, the site of the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) in Bali, to witness the opening of the Nusa Dua Light Festival on Monday.

The festival will be different from previous years as it has a dancing fountain, the first in Bali.

I Wayan Karioka, the managing director of the Nusa Dua-ITDC, said the dancing fountain would move along to songs and would also be spiced up by a light show.  

The festival has an underwater  theme with the tagline “Water, Fire, & Dance”. Lanterns have been festooned with creatures of the sea, such as fish, coral and jellyfish.

There is a tunnel equipped with lights in every color, a favorite place for visitors to take selfies. The festival will also showcase residents’ traditional arts.

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